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We understand the difficulty and frustration of a young player trying to learn how to play tennis with adult-sized equipment.


Using the USTA's Red, Orange, & Green Ball Curriculum, the BTA is happy to help kids get started on the tennis court with equipment that is appropriate for their size and skill level. 

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The difference between Red, Orange, & Green Ball and regular tennis is the color/compression of the tennis balls, net height, racquet length, and the length of the court used with each ball type.


Red Ball is played on a 36' court with red, lowest-compression, felt balls, 33" high net, and 23" or smaller racquets. The smaller racquets, shorter net & court, and lowest-compression balls help the young players feel successful while having fun learning to play tennis.

Orange ball is played on a 60' court with 36" high net, 25" or smaller racquet, and with an Orange, lower-compression ball. 

Green Ball is played on a 78' (regular) court, net height of 36", a Green Dot, low-compression ball, and a racquet no longer than 29" long.

The next step is to use a regular-sized court (78') & net height, with a racquet of choice, while playing with a high-compression standard yellow ball! 

The USTA's curriculum will help the beginner player advance their skill level while having fun!  

The BTA is happy to help Jr. players reach their tennis goals, and provide opportunities for them to earn the points they need to advance through the USTA Progression Program.

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