Junior Team Tennis (JTT) & National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL)

                 *Jr. programs are scheduled to resume on June 12, 2021.*

What is JTT/NJTL?

The Bitterroot Junior Team Tennis (JTT) team was founded in 2017 when the BTA became a provider of the United States Tennis Association's (USTA) Net Generation initiative to help introduce tennis to a new generation of players.

JTT is played by players 6-18 years old as 2-person teams. A team is made of one male and one female player.  They each play a singles match, and as a team they play a mixed doubles match. The BTA also has a JTT Traveling Team...see our

Jr. Programs Brochure for locations, and jump on the team!


Local schools also partnered with the BTA and Net Generation to help introduce tennis as a PE unit, and some of those students have joined the Bitterroot  JTT!


As a National Tennis and Learning chapter (NJTL), the BTA strives to provide free to low cost tennis activities combined with academic opportunities. During JTT sessions, one-on-one and group tutoring is available for players by certified teachers and volunteers.


Additionally, as a USTA NJTL chapter, the Bitterroot Tennis Association offers its Jr. members an opportunity to enter the USTA Essay Contest for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Arthur Ashe Kid's Day at the US Open! Also, as a member of the Bitterroot JTT, you are eligible to apply for USTA college scholarships. In 2020, Holly Mahon, one of our Bitterroot JTT members was awarded with the $10,000.00 Rosalind P. Walter College Scholarship!!

Become a member of the BTA to request USTA Essay and college scholarship information. Please call 406-529-8636.


There are so many fun opportunities available to our local tennis community through the BTA programs. Now is an especially exciting time for youth to participate in the various activities that are currently being offered. If you are not a part of the Bitterroot Tennis family yet, now is the time to join us!!

Red, Orange, & Green Ball Progression

We understand the difficulty and frustration of a young player trying to learn how to play tennis with adult-sized equipment.


Using the USTA's Red, Orange, & Green Ball Curriculum, the BTA is happy to help kids get started on the tennis court with equipment that is appropriate for their size and skill level. 

Check this out!

The difference between Red, Orange, & Green Ball and regular tennis is the color/compression of the tennis balls, net height, racquet length, and the length of the court used with each ball type.


Red Ball is played on a 36' court with red, lowest-compression, felt balls, 33" high net, and 23" or smaller racquets. The smaller racquets, shorter net & court, and lowest-compression balls help the young players feel successful while having fun learning to play tennis.

Orange ball is played on a 60' court with 36" high net, 25" or smaller racquet, and with an Orange, lower-compression ball. 

Green Ball is played on a 78' (regular) court, net height of 36", a Green Dot, low-compression ball, and a racquet no longer than 29" long.

The next step is to use a regular-sized court (78') & net height, with a racquet of choice, while playing with a high-compression standard yellow ball! 

The USTA's curriculum will help the beginner player advance their skill level while having fun!  

The BTA is happy to help Jr. players reach their tennis goals!




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The BTA is happy to offer scholarships! Our goal is to provide financial assistance to youth who are interested in playing tennis, but can not participate due to the cost. Please contact us for details.

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